Year End Appeal

Empty Vessels Healing Ministry
2016 Year End Appeal 

Greetings of the Holiday Season.

I had a happy meeting in the grocery store today with a friend. She told me she had been thinking about what we do at Open Hands Wellness Clinic. She then related what we do to the following event. Her young cat got out of the house and was gone for three weeks. To her delight, when the weather got cold the cat returned.  At first it was scared to come back in the house. It was my friend’s soothing touch that encouraged the little one to return home. 

At our free  Open Hands Wellness Clinic, Empty Vessels’ primary endeavor, we provide soothing and professional touch. Open Hands is an oasis that cares for people, body mind and spirit. In the face of life’s challenges-whether physical, emotional or spiritual, caring touch can help people return home to themselves.  

As of this writing, we are not yet fully funded for 2017.  So, we come to you asking you to help us continue our efforts in the coming year. Here is how you can participate.
A.      Volunteer for one or more times to provide clinic set-up and take down.
B.      Utilize the clinic and make an in-person donation
C.      Contribute financially in any amount to support the following expenses.
o   Average cost of one individual’s visit to the clinic–$20.00
o   Average  operating expense each month per item—$40.00
Telephone, Equipment Storage, Laundry
o   Cost of one community wellness presentation–$50.00
o   Three months of printing for flyers/ brochures for community outreach–$100.00
o   Six months of  publication advertising–$145.00
o   One  year of laundry services–$360.00
o   One month expense for community networking, volunteer coordination, clinic organization,  client communications, administration–$720.00 

All donations are tax deductible. Please donate from our homepage via paypal with your credit card or paypal account. Or send a check to Empty Vessels Healing Ministry, c/o Grace Immanuel UCC, 1612 Story Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206. To volunteer, contact us. Thank you for your support. 

Best Wishes in the coming year,
Karen Barth
Executive Director
Empty Vessels Healing Ministry